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Bridges between B’s!

B-line presence at the B Inspired talks

Here at B-line, we talk a lot about what it means to be a certified B Corp. It’s a key part of our company values, it’s part of our charter, and it guides our decision-making in areas from purchasing supplies…

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Movin’ on Up!


As we head into 2016, we’re doing so from a new home! Our big news of the year is that we’ve moved our warehousing operation and HQ to a new building in the Central Eastside Industrial district where we’ve been…

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Shop Talk: Trike Weight

Busted Rim

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “how much does that thing weigh?” or “how much can you carry?”. Sometimes a person will offer a guess, but most of the time our trike’s huge girth will make even…

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Thoughts from a new B-Line rider

Donna Avallone

The last month has been one of confusion, panic, sore muscles, frigid fingers, sweat, and overall exhilaration—my first month delivering for B-line.  I knew when I accepted the job that I would be mentally and physically challenged.  As I sit…

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Purpose Podcast with Ted Sarvata

Purpose podcastimage

Franklin Jones recently sat down with Ted Sarvata to discuss all things B-line. Listen here and enjoy!

A Rider’s Exit and Experience


The New Year is often a time for reflection on what has come to pass in the previous. This past year was just as eventful as any at B-Line; with press from Time magazine as well as an article in the New York…

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Franklin Jones on The Sprocket Podcast Part II


Back for round two Franklin joins the guys, Brock and Aaron, over at the Sprocket Podcast to chat about B-line being featured in the NY Times and in a Time Magazine article. They also discuss touring the world by bike. This conversation can’t…

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Franklin Jones talks recent news, operations and future endeavors for B-line


     What a pleasure it is to have B-line gain international attention! I am humbled by the interest and support of news outlets like The New York Times and TIME Magazine as well as from our own community of friends and family.  This…

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Shop Talk: Transmission


Back by popular demand, B-line’s fleet mechanic, Bill Murdock goes in depth about the inner workings of our trikes and the challenges that comes from an electric-assist system. One of the challenges in developing an electric-assist trike is the integration…

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How Three Car Sharing Services Collectively Eliminate the Need For a Car

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 12.49.25 PM

Owning a car these days is becoming an increasingly expensive proposition. Gas prices keep inching up. Finding parking for it can be time consuming and expensive. All told, the average American spends more on their car monthly then food! Thankfully,…

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