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Local Goods, Trike Powered


The following is a post we contributed to Ecotrust’s blog, published February 22, 2016.  Here at B-line Urban Delivery, we tackle last-mile delivery challenges for local and regional food producers every day. After all, delicious wild salmon, grains, grass-fed beef, produce,…

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Bridges between B’s!

B-line presence at the B Inspired talks

Here at B-line, we talk a lot about what it means to be a certified B Corp. It’s a key part of our company values, it’s part of our charter, and it guides our decision-making in areas from purchasing supplies…

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Movin’ on Up!


As we head into 2016, we’re doing so from a new home! Our big news of the year is that we’ve moved our warehousing operation and HQ to a new building in the Central Eastside Industrial district where we’ve been…

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Shop Talk: Trike Weight

Busted Rim

One of the most common questions we’re asked is “how much does that thing weigh?” or “how much can you carry?”. Sometimes a person will offer a guess, but most of the time our trike’s huge girth will make even…

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Thoughts from a new B-Line rider

Donna Avallone

The last month has been one of confusion, panic, sore muscles, frigid fingers, sweat, and overall exhilaration—my first month delivering for B-line.  I knew when I accepted the job that I would be mentally and physically challenged.  As I sit…

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Purpose Podcast with Ted Sarvata

Purpose podcastimage

Franklin Jones recently sat down with Ted Sarvata to discuss all things B-line. Listen here and enjoy!

A Rider’s Exit and Experience


The New Year is often a time for reflection on what has come to pass in the previous. This past year was just as eventful as any at B-Line; with press from Time magazine as well as an article in the New York…

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Franklin Jones on The Sprocket Podcast Part II


Back for round two Franklin joins the guys, Brock and Aaron, over at the Sprocket Podcast to chat about B-line being featured in the NY Times and in a Time Magazine article. They also discuss touring the world by bike. This conversation can’t…

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Franklin Jones talks recent news, operations and future endeavors for B-line


     What a pleasure it is to have B-line gain international attention! I am humbled by the interest and support of news outlets like The New York Times and TIME Magazine as well as from our own community of friends and family.  This…

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Shop Talk: Transmission


Back by popular demand, B-line’s fleet mechanic, Bill Murdock goes in depth about the inner workings of our trikes and the challenges that comes from an electric-assist system. One of the challenges in developing an electric-assist trike is the integration…

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