January 5, 2016

Movin' on Up!

As we head into 2016, we’re doing so from a new home! Our big news of the year is that we’ve moved our warehousing operation and HQ to a new building in the Central Eastside Industrial district where we've been since the start, a place where we can stay part of a vibrant community of makers and movers.

Our new digs, 4 blocks down the street at 1140 SE 7th (between Salmon and Taylor), include more than 2.5x more warehouse space, with much more room for dry storage, and, later this spring a shiny new cooler/freezer with 200 pallet slots. It will be easier for trucks to pull in and trikes to roll out of our new facility, plus we’ll have co-working space, offices upstairs for B-line and other tenants, and best of all, a community where local and regional food producers can come together.

The Marble

3 different views of the Marble - our new home! (photos: Instagram via @ReddonSalmon and @blinedelivers)

This new warehouse is an investment in B-line’s growth and a partnership with Ecotrust, who owns the building (called “The Marble” after its former occupant, Intrepid Marble) along with the building next door, “The Foundry.” Together, they comprise The Redd campus, “a place where young food businesses can spawn, grow, and connect to the region’s abundant resources.” (Ecotrust).

Read more about The Redd on Salmon Street here. We’re so excited to be at the center of a hub designed to keep local and regional food in the heart of our city. The Redd will keep the maker spirit and “produce row” history of inner industrial SE Portland alive with spaces to produce, store, and distribute food. We’ll be growing our capacity as an urban consolidation center for food products and more, offering one convenient spot to store, repack, and send out goods into the city, many of them by trike.

The Foundry

The Foundry building, our next door neighbor, by summer and winter (Photos: Instagram via @Reddonsalmon)

We’re looking forward to growing and serving you in our new HQ for years to come. Thanks for rolling with us as we reconfigure our operations and begin accepting deliveries at this new location. By spring, we hope to have the warehouse fully built out along with revamped office spaces and work areas. In the meantime, we’re making do with shipping containers for cold storage and enjoying working at the marble-topped desks left by the former occupants.

If you’re interested in learning more about renting storage, workspace or office space at the Marble, please reach out to Dorothy Mitchell ([email protected]). We’d be happy to send you more information and show you our new home.


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