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"At Portland Roasting we searched for a sustainable local delivery system for some time before finally finding it with B-Line. We were looking for an alternative to our vans that reflected not only our company philosophy and style but that would also maintain the relationship with our customers that is so critically important to us. B-Line's environmental responsibility and friendly service has allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing customer service. We found the whole package with B-Line. Plus, it’s just fun to see their super tricycles pedaling around town with our logo!"

— Paul Gilles, Vice President, Portland Roasting Coffee

"Partnering with progressive, like-minded businesses to facilitate change and work towards sustainable business solutions is what Organically Grown has always been about and we have found a true partner in our relationship with B-Line. Their commitment to sustainability, attention to detail, and rock-solid customer service has made the transition seamless and provided our customers with a very unique service experience that they really love. "

— Chris Petrick, Transportation Manager, Organically Grown Company

"When we first heard of B-Line it wasn't a question of if but when we could start such a positive model of sustainable delivery of our bread to the core area of Portland, helping to reduce congestion and making Portland an even more livable city. B-Line has been outstanding in working with us to solve any problems and obstacles in making this work for us both and we applaud them and their efforts in making the world a better place."

— Michael Manning, Salesperson for NatureBake/Dave's Killer Bread

"Yes there's an environmental benefit to this but the point is B-Line can make more deliveries and will generate more value."

—Dave Williams, CEO, Shore Bank

"We partnered with B-Line to introduce our new can, Lemon Elation, and in a period of about 12 hours we managed to introduce our product with no gasoline to 150 accounts."

—Patrick Lee, Guayaki

"This is more or less cutting edge in terms of the direction the trade could go--and we like being in the front end of those things."

— David Lively, Marketing Director , Organically Grown Company

B-line delivers on the promise that business can be a catalyst for social and environmental change.
1140 SE 7th Ave, Ste. 190, Portland, OR 97214
Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
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