A long-time valued partner with B-line, Guayakí (gwy-uh-kee), continues to provide a variety of yerba mate(yer-bah mah-tay) products for customers. Whether or not you prefer the traditional loose leaf mate in a gourd with hot water or perhaps one of the bottle cold mates. For those on the go, there are mini shots and two newer products are the cold canned sparkling mates and juices. All the above are a great way to get a natural energy boost.

For the uninitiated yerba mate is made from the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the South American rainforest holly tree. For centuries, South America’s Aché Guayakí tribe have sipped yerba mate daily for it rejuvenative effects.

Guayakí’s mission is to steward and restore 200,000 acres of South American Atlantic Rainforest and create over 1000 living wage jobs by 2020.

Visit their website for more info: http://guayaki.com/