What’s an example of a community relationship that has helped Sisters? 

B-line Sustainable Urban Delivery is a local company that makes deliveries by bike mostly in inner Southeast (Portland) and downtown. They deliver food to Whole Foods (in the Pearl District) every day and, at the same time, pick up produce that Whole Foods has pulled off the shelves, which they’d otherwise compost, and deliver it to us seven blocks away. So we get cases of asparagus, avocados, pomegranates, potatoes — a lot of seasonal, organic food in perfect condition for including in our daily menu. Bob’s Red Mill donates flour, rice, cornmeal and beans, most of our dry goods. Stumptown (Coffee Roasters), Pastaworks and Dave’s (Killer Bread) have all been longtime donors of their products. New Seasons is also one of our strongest community partners. We also have relationships with ranches, which have donated a lot of the meat along the way.

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