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Roberto makes a B-share dropoff at Sisters of the Road

Break the Cycle of Hunger

Dear Friends,

As the holidays approach, more Oregonians than ever are in need of food assistance. Yet, in Portland alone, over 200,000 tons of usable food will be sent to the landfill this year. Much of this surplus food goes to waste because there is no affordable, established method for transporting the food from its source to those people experiencing extreme need.

B-Line is proud to announce our B-share program, a solution designed to get donated food to organizations that serve and distribute meals.

The goal of the B-share program is to provide healthier, local, organic food and a higher quantity of food donations—as well as reducing waste and the city’s carbon footprint through delivery by our zero-emission cargo trike vehicles.

Partnering with local grocers, farmers markets, restaurants, and other food distributors to “glean” high-quality surplus food, B-Line has delivered over 5,000 meals to organizations like Sisters Of The Road, Blanchet House, and St. Francis Dining Hall in a pilot phase over the last three months.

This holiday season, please help us deliver a difference in our community. Visit: www.b-shares.com and purchase a B-share today, and spread the word about this new way to impact hunger in Portland.


We partner with businesses large and small to take care of their downtown and close-in delivery needs so they don't have to deal with the challenges of conventional trucks and vans. This, in turn, creates a more sustainable, livable community for all.

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